Friday, August 7, 2009

Nick's European Tour -- Leg 11 -- Barcelona

Nick called while Jonathan and I were having lunch at the Swiss Chalet. Jon had just had 4 fillings and a cleaning and was frozen, so all he could eat was soup :-)

Anyway, Nick was on a train to Barcelona, which means he finally escaped France ... it was a major chore for him, but he got a reserved seat and made the trip. He met several people who were also on the same trip, they knew each other quickly because they changed trains constantly and kept seeing each other. So they ended up traveling together ... Nick is quite the social butterfly.

The map shows four legs because he had to change trains three times. I believe that the change points are Marseilles (so he finally gets there for a few minutes), Montpellier and Narbonne. That's an 11 hour nightmare, but at least he was seeing the incredible Mediterranean and the mountains as the neared the border. I believe I have the final change point correct, but if not it was close to there.

So he will spend 4 days in Barcy, skating all the world famous spots if he can find them (remember, skateboarders flock to this city) and will then fly directly to Leeds.

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