Tuesday, August 4, 2009

*sigh* ... yet one more brain fart

I've searched and I've searched
But I couldn't find
No way on earth
To gain peace of mind
With my most humble apologies to Elvis Presley for the use of these lyrics from the wonderful song Crying in the Chapel.

I have managed to lose one of my compact flash cards ... a 4GB card that contained some images of my last chicken soup cookout. The loss of the images is not exactly a crisis ... but I *really* hate losing a small item that cots a pretty penny and provides a useful function.

This really pisses me off ... of course, it could be mostly stress since I just spent from 9am through 1am working on the specification I need to send out tomorrow. I'm totally burnt out right now and just wanted a peek at those images ... and now I am thwarted. *sigh* ...

Edit: Now I know I'm going nuts ... my brain fart turned out to be the fact that I thought I had had a brain fart. In fact, the card I lost is exactly where I had put it ... for safe keeping :-) at the last photoshoot. Duh ... so all appears to be well with the cards, if not my mush of a brain. Thanks god I am nearing the final moments of this fricken draft ...

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crazy football mom said...

Of all the things I've lost, I think I miss my mind the most ;-)