Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sony WX1 at High ISO -- Looks Really Interesting

When poking about in the dark with no tripod handy, it is useful to be able to crank ISO up to get good sharpness for those memories we all like to take home. I post such things on the web and am not too worried if they don't stand up to printing, so the name of the game is sharpness, as blur is fatal while noise can be addressed.

I thought I'd look over some of the samples available for the Sony WX1 again and process one of the high ISO images ... this one at 1600 ISO. I wanted to see how much detail is available in long distance shots, and I was a bit surprised at how well it can resolve at 1600 ISO ... remember that this is a microscopic 1/2.4" sensor.

If you click on the above image to bring up the 800px version, you will see that the word pacific on the building is almost readable at 1600 ISO ... this is quite remarkable.

Here are the 160 ISO and 1600 ISO images at web sizes ... I think either one is fine to record your memories.

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