Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fuji F200EXR vs Canon G11

Well ... things are getting interesting ... Canon has a new G11 and S90, both of which use a new super sensitive sensor that they say will do 2 stops better than the G10 with high ISO imaging. That is a very exciting possibility, as the G10 was pretty decent to 400 ISO. Does that mean that it will now be pretty decent to 1600 ISO? Wow!

Meanwhile, I did a simple comparison of a pair of sample portraits from the Canon and Fuji web sites to see how they stacked up ... the exposures on these images is nearly identical, which means that this is a surprisingly good comparison of the new G11 against the F200EXR. ISO 80 for the G10, ISO 100 for the Fuji, both wide open and both around 1/50s.

What I see here is that I would prefer the Canon ... at the least it is a tie, but I think Fuji NR is smearing the eyebrow. Either way, the Canon easily wins because of the vastly better video.

The S90 has the same sensor and a lens that is likely even better as it is only a 4x zoom. So that's one to watch also. It is about the same size as the F200EXR with RAW and much better controls ... again, wow!

The WX1 will have to be stunning to beat out the S90 for my next concert cam, despite the obvious advantage in the video department. That memory stick fuck up they continue to perpetrate sticks in my craw somewhat ...


Christopher Liddle said...

One thing to mention however is the massive price difference between the two cameras. The G11 is currently on pre-order at £569 whereas you can pick up a F200EXR for around £185.

Just a consideration from myself who was deciding between a F200EXR and a G10 earlier in the year. :)

Shivakumar said...

This is not a surprise. Fuji s200exr has a 14x zoom lens. So the image quality will be slightly less than G11. But then again, extra zoom will suit some people better. Also it costs much much less than the G11, which for a compact is a bit too expensive at the moment.

Kim Letkeman said...

Shivakumar: The Fuji camera I compared against is the compact F200EXR, not the massive bridge cam S200EXR. The two are similarly speced, but I would probably take the G11 over the F200EXR as the video / audio will be far better and the image quality also better. On the other hand, I agree with you that the current price for the G11 is too high. My choice between these two is to ignore them both and buy the F70EXR, which I did.