Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rachelle at a Crombie McNeill Workshop at the Mill of Kintail

Rachelle's turn. Again, I had not seen her before, and in fact I did not see her at the Mill of Kintail. However, I did see her at the bridge, and she agreed to pose for Kyle and I for quite some time.

Interestingly, as I went through these poses, I found Rachelle's instincts for water posing to be every bit as good as Stella's. And of course Sam's. How interesting that we could get so many excellent images in the space of half an hour ...

We opened with her sitting in the water. This went nicely and after a while Kyle took over for a few minutes while I snuck that image of Marcus from the side and distance.

I really do find that shots near water work so well when you add some tilt.

Anyway, when I turned my attention back to Rachelle, I asked her to lie on her stomach and then tried to find a good angle. I thought about a full body shot, but that was surprisingly ineffective. Kyle may have something of that sort, perhaps I'll see his images at the review.

Anyway, I did get one I liked ...

Actually, I got a dozen I liked, but they are similar enough that there is no point posting a bunch of them.

I then asked her for a side pose. And this proved fruitful, as both close shots and body shots worked very well. I really like this pair of images.

And finally, we asked her to stand up again but found that the sun was too low to get any shots with a glow. So I captured a couple with the bridge as background and called it a day.

That's a really grainy shot ... not quite sure what I did, but I really fried it. Still, with enough processing it works fine in web sizes and probably up to an 8x10 ...

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