Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Tragically Hip

I uploaded a couple of videos of the Tragically Hip from two superb concerts. The first time I saw them was in Ottawa on 2 February 2007 at the Corel Center (or maybe by then it was the Scotiabank Place.)

The video I have was shot with the Fuji F10, which has a terrible microphone so I apologize for the audio. The video is amazing though, and you can watch Gord Downey performing his trademark painting / dancing / microphone play through the amazing song Poets ...

The next video was shot at the Brockville Music Hall on 20 February 2008. We heard about the concert barely a week before, grabbed several pairs of tickets so Jon, Nick and I could join a bunch of his friends. I rented a minivan to carry them all so they could drink. We all stopped at Pizza Hut before we left town and they got the ball rolling with a team pitcher :-)

Gord was again in magnificent form, and this time he performed the painting thing through an extended version of Courage ... this one was recorded with the Fuji F11 and the audio has similar issues ...

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