Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glorious Weekend Draws to a Close

Wow ... what a great couple of days. I spent a wonderful day with my friend Jackie at the Ottawa Folk Festival on Saturday; we saw some excellent acts and then met up with some of her family, finally all of us spending the late evening under the stars with a few thousand of our closest friends listening to Bruce Cockburn do an amazing acoustic one-man show.

Then today I attended another Crombie McNeill workshop with almost a dozen models from Barrett Palmer and something like 16 or 18 photographers. We visited the Mill of Kintail, a beautiful conservation setting in Lanark County, about 45 minutes from my house. And when they closed, we went to the beautiful stone bridge and rapids in the Mississippi River at Pakenham. A half dozen models joined us there.

I am totally bagged, my feet hurt from standing for something like 18 hours in the last two days (with 25 pounds in tow today) but my achilles heel does not hurt ... which is great news!

I'll be blogging the moment to moment for each of these over the next few days ... gotta go now to pick up the young one from his mother's place ....

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