Friday, August 21, 2009

Fuji F11 versus Canon G10 -- Video Shootout

Just for fun, I wanted to test these two cameras against each other ... people tend to ask how the new Canons will be against the new Fujis.

Well, we know a few things right now ...
  • Fuji F200EXR has similar features to the F11 ... no stabilization and no zoom at all being the main ones
  • Fuji F10 and F11 have microphones with overly sensitive mics ... the bass overwhelms them and causes dropouts in the voices ... the newer Fujis may have fixed this, but there are no rock concerts on YouTube from a newer Fuji, so I wonder ...
  • Canon G11 and S90 seem to have the same video specifications as the G10, which means there should be little difference
This makes things interesting ... of course Fuji could (should!) turn around and replace the F200EXR asap with decent video and lens based stabilization ... but I'm betting it'll be a while.

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