Sunday, August 30, 2009

F70EXR -- Pro Low Light Mode Review and Test

The F70EXR has an interesting trick up its sleeve for low light shooters. That being the pro low light mode. This mode will whip off 4 images and then combine them to reduce noise and enhance clarity. But does it work?

Sort of.

The clarity can be astounding if the camera is very well braced. Otherwise, the image softens considerably. Not to the extent that it is ruined, but to the extent that the "bite" it previously had is gone.

Here is a great example ... macro mode at 1600 ISO. Remember that this is a tiny sensor ... 1/2".

With dark scenes, the noise is very manageable at 1600ISO. But here is an example with a little less success. This is shot in rotten incandescent light in a fairly dark corner, so it is pretty much a worst case scenario.

I can live with this as a representation of 1600 ISO. Hair and fur would suck big time, but they always do on small sensors so eh ....

The two scenes look ok at web sizes ... if you are hand holding, you will always be choosing between detail and smoothness ... I suggest shooting both if you have time ... it only takes a second to spin the dial.

And never forget when you are framing that pro low light steals a bit of the frame to perform its magic.

What would a review of a Fuji mega zoom be if it did not mention the CA :-)

Still liking the cam ....

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