Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hoarfrost with the F70EXR

I love hoarfrost. The name alone :-) …

So when I wake up and see hoarfrost covering branches, I try to get out and capture the beauty before the sun gets too high and burns it all off.

This post contains images shot quite some time ago but never blogged. No idea why not, as I quite like these. I think there was simply too much going on that weekend and it subsequently slipped my mind.

The thing with hoarfrost is that it makes delicate branches and needles look even more delicate. For example:


These were all shot in my neighborhood, not far from my home. A little roundabout near the highway … a dead end. Quiet … a place you can stand and shoot with no interference from local traffic.


I love how the background still shows plenty of detail. Those who criticize this cam’s ability to resolve details need their heads read.


The textures are amplifies here by the layering of branches on more than one tree. This reminds me of Japanese fans layered in a display.

And finally, a macro shot in my front yard. I used long zoom here … even though I do not get maximum magnification, I *do* get minimum viewing angle, which gives a gorgeous background. And the bokeh is to die for when you consider that this is a cheap compact …


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