Monday, January 18, 2010

Avatar -- OMFG!!!!

If you have not seen Avatar 3D yet, then please stop everything and get you butt down there as soon as possible. You are missing out on an event of gargantuan proportions. I shit you not.

Without revealing too much, this is a classic love story ... similar theme to west side story and many other doomed relationship themes. These two are the main characters.

A very bad corporation decides to skip ahead and does some serious damage to some sacred lands, causing the aliens to go to war, with Jake, the marine in an Avatar body helping.

You can see Sigourney Weaver's avatar in the background here ... she looks pretty hot as an avatar.

And finally the scene where Jake rides as the leader on the biggest and baddest creature in the skies ... it's just so cool ...


Lili said...

I loved the film too
ended up in a huge online argument about Na'vi archery
their contention was one could not shoot the bow the way they did
these guy are compound bow/release aid shooters
I shoot English longbow and a Korean bow (Hwarang) with Mediterranean and Mongolian draws respectively and hae tried many others.
I have seen bows shot quite well the way that was portrayed in the movie
But my opinions were disregarded
Odd parallel to FTF eh?
Those who have shot primitive style bows versus techno folks who've never touched anything make in another Century.

Kim Letkeman said...

Lili, I am even more impressed with you than ever ... sheesh .... an archer with the longbow. That is cool beyond words :-)

And yes ... techny weenies lose site of what came before ... and then get aggressive about defending their ignorance ... exactly like the FTF :-)