Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Misty Morning

Driving along the other morning in the rain and saw that the high temperatures were causing mist to come up off the snow. I *love* the look of mist and trees so I pulled over and tried to capture a few image from inside my car … after opening the windows of course :-)

F70EXR with additional glow processing in ACR/CS4 …



These turned out ok in my opinion …


Tom said...

Like the top pic, bottom one perhaps a little too indistinct for my personal taste.

Actual reason for posting was this:

Someone pointed the way from the FTF. Thought the answers from a Fuji person might be of interest, especially about the fact that apparently no binning goes on outside of EXR modes.

Hope life is continuing to be happy and relaxed sans DPR.

Cheers - BT

Kim Letkeman said...

Tom, thanks. I actually like indistinct images of this sort, but this is definitely a personal taste issue.

Regarding Kelly_Squared's comments: I don't believe that there is no binning in P mode when shooting M size. But I will test it before asserting it unequivocally. Watch for a new blog post on the topic.

And thanks ... life is wonderful post-DPR. I get to sleep several hours earlier and get much more done all day long. I was right to do it ... and there are quite a few others who might consider a similar move.

Tom said...

Look forward to the findings - I was hoping you might investigate as a) my motivation and b) scientific ability are both severely lacking.

Re post-DPR life, a friend sent me a link to this a while back and I think of it every time I'm about to get involved in a thread I probably should leave well alone...

Cheers - BT