Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lunchbag Letdown …

I wandered around the Merivale strip this morning, trying to find the license bureau to get a new copy of my ownership for the car that was destroyed by that asshole F150 driver.

He has now managed to hurt Nick (still in physio for bruised spine and ribs and for screwed muscles), write off a perfectly running car, and waste hours and hours of my time. Asshole. Big asshole.

Deep breath.

Ok … I drove around and stopped to get my bearings and checked my iPhone and eventually figured out where it should be … and sure enough, as I drove by a strip mall, there was a sign. I pulled a u-turn at the next intersection and drove up and parked.

I had wasted 45 minutes so far screwing around with this (Merivale has legendary heavy traffic on Saturdays), but I still had some time and they were scheduled to be open until about 1pm, as I had seen on the web site I checked before leaving the house.

When I got there, it was 12:15, and the sign had had the end time removed and noon written over top in permanent marker. I was, of course, livid.

And I don’t feel much better having looked up the MOT site and found this:


So that site clearly states that I could not get service after noon time, but it also states that I should have gone to Kanata. And since I was having lunch at 1pm with my son in Kanata, that would have been perfect.

*sigh* … welcome to my nightmare …

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