Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Karen and I had a pretty busy Saturday ... we saw Avatar at 3pm ... as I mentioned in my blog post, this is not to be missed ... especially in 3D. We then had a terrific bowl of Pho at the Ox Head restaurant in the Centrum Mall.

And finally, Karen treated me to the sexpalooza show downtown at the Civic Center. This is billed as the show for "adults who play." A catchy slogan, and I certainly can't say that this was false advertising. What a spectacular array of vendors and products ... wow.

We were held up about 10 minutes on the way in as the line started to form. When we eventually got inside, we knew immediately why. The place was packed to the rafters. I have never seen a show this crowded. This gives you a hint as to how crowded it was, but it was actually a lot worse. This was a thin crowd moment.
Note: All images in this post were shot with the Fuji F70EXR at 1600 ISO or higher. To see the full sized images, simply click on any image and you will be taken there. Click the back button to get back to this post.

And the above is nothing compared to what it was like to be there. After picking up a few interesting items, we spent a bit of time in a seminar ... amusing ... and then wandered to the main stage to see what was playing.

We saw the tail end of an act that I have actually forgotten now, and then the hostess came out and started drawing for prizes. Karen had filled out an entry so we hung around to hear the names called. She did not win.

We decided to hang around to see Misha Manx from the PlayMate club on Montreal Road. She was scheduled for an erotic dance, which sounded rather interesting. I sidled up to the catwalk and Karen joined me while we waited for the short intermission to end.

When it did, the hostess came out and drew for more prizes, which we again did not win. But I got some good shots from fairly close ...

Once in a while, she wandered along the catwalk and I managed this nice shot of her.

I was getting pretty good shutter speeds with this lighting ... but when Misha came out to dance, the lighting was cut by half. This caused me difficulty, since the shutter speeds were way too low to stop the action. This shot is actually interesting in that it shows motion.

But shooting it that would have been hopeless. So I switched to manual mode and raised ISO to 3200. The noise was apparent even on the tiny LCD, but I did get one adequate shot.

I settled on 1600 ISO and flash just as she bared her first breast. Obviously, she is painted. If you had the instinct to complain about this post to someone, don't bother. What is less obvious, at least in this shot, is that she is also taped.

A moment later, so has them both free and is cupping them for our approval. She got plenty ...

From this point on, I tended to shoot when she was out on the catwalk. Shots like this turned out quite nicely, and the flash from close distance produced some really vibrant colors.

I did some editing here to maintain this post's PG rating ...

At some point around here, Misha was walking out on the catwalk and suddenly veered at me. I turned quickly to Karen ... I think to say something like "oh oh" ... but then felt Misha's hand on my head turning it back. She then shook her breasts onto my forehead ... a not unpleasant sensation :-)

Karen later confirmed the presence of boob-sparkles on my forehead. Cool ...

When we left ... the line up had exited the building and continued for at least 20 or 30 feet. A lot of people were going to be half an hour late getting in. Amazing.

So .... verdict: Fun ... worth visiting if you aren't squeamish about such things.


Pedro said...

Thanks for sharing these shots.
Nice pictures indeed.

Kim Letkeman said...

Pedro, thanks for the kind words.