Saturday, January 2, 2010

Panasonic ZS3 versus Fuji F70EXR -- round 7 -- Wide Angle Comparison

Much speculation has been made about the F70EXR and ZS3 wide angle ... some say that the F70EXR's 27mm wide angle is actually wider than the ZS3's 25mm wide angle.

This test had to be shot twice to get things really accurate. I ended up placing an X on the screen to focus on dead center, then placing markers where the Panny was sitting and centering in the Fuji on those markers and tilting the cam to get the center spot to line up. The result is a near perfect match on the images.

The crops contain the top portion of each shot to exactly the same point. This gives a clear indication that the Panasonic uses more of the sensor as it gets wider, thus giving a true widening, whereas the Fuji merely crops top and bottom.

The Panny starts wider at 4:3 and gets much wider at 3:2 and 16:9. No question that it is a 25mm lens ... maybe even wider than that.

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