Friday, January 22, 2010

Psycoanalysis Boosts my Traffic

Edited: I have realized what a waste of time it is to focus on that community after the fact. I appreciate the info I receive from friends, but I’ve decided that I won’t use it to attack back to the forum. Because who gives a sh*t … this post is therefore considerably altered from the original.

A birdy today told me that the Fuji Talk Forum is a buzz with a thread that was started to wish me well in my self-imposed exile. And that thread has turned into a forum in which my detractors have all weighed in with psychoanalysis.

I'll just point out that this has caused a delightful uptick in traffic to my blog ... and I did not post a single link anywhere :-)

This uptick took 4 days to settle back down … pretty typical for any even in the FTF that causes a major dust up … in this case, the dust up was between people scrambling to see who could make the most violent gesture in writing :-)


Unknown said...

I send people who ask me about EXR settings to this site.
Your suggested settings work wonders with my F200 :)

Kim Letkeman said...

Thanks Lili ... I'm glad you enjoy them.

Childofthe60’s said...

Kim, it is interesting to note that the FTF thread started in honor of your departure, and which is now closed reaching 151 comments, has ended up containing very little in the way of comments about you. It appears the majority of comments have caused the thread to descended into a veritable 'Mexican Firing Squad', with the participants engaged in shooting one another rather than commenting favorably or unfavorably on your departure.

It is really quite hilarious and I couldn't resist passing it along to you and the readers here. Unfortunately, the discord has caused Jada to make a similar departure from the forums, and that is unfortunate, though understandable.


Kim Letkeman said...

Glenn, that thread sounds even funnier than I thought it would be ... psychoanalyzing each other ... :-)

I am aware of Jada's departure and hope that she finds the same peace I have found so far. Things on the blog have died down now, as they are sure to on DPR and equilibrium has been reached I think ...

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the heads up.

Big Tom said...

Just to add to Glenn's info, a quick tally of your departure thread:

14 posts clearly pro-Kim

14 post clearly anti-Kim

15 posts purely to try to get the thread to 151 (am I the only person who thinks this is some of the weirdest behaviour on a forum? Posting rubbish just to max out a thread and thereby preventing the possibility anyone else might have something relevant to say? If no-one else is going to post anything the thread will just die, posting "one more until it maxes" posts just keeps it at the top longer!)

20 posts dedicated to Marmite (!)

The remaining 90 or so mainly people taking the opportunity to have a pop at each other, a handful too neutral to really add to the pro/anti count and a handful complaining about the state of the forums.

Finding your F70 info and settings very useful, so thanks for that and hope you continue to post advice here.

Kim Letkeman said...

Thanks for the breakdown Tom ... that's pretty interesting ... less than one third of the posts were directly on topic, and were perfectly split. Looks like the GOP and democrats all over again :-)

I appreciate the kind words, and perhaps one day I will feel the desire to post again on the FTF, but I get too involved and there are a few too many bankrupt souls on there for my taste.

Best wishes going forward ... and don't hesitate to seek advice on here if you want me to look into something for you.