Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union

Awesome. What a great man.

A slap for the Supreme Court (WTF were they thinking?) A big slap to the lobbyists. Another to the strong partisan politics that continue to erode their government and their nation.

A little humility from the president himself.

And the inevitable republican response (I listened for less than 30 seconds) raising all the old issues … couldn’t even shelve it for one night.



Anonymous said...

The American people FIRMLY rejected Obama's agenda last week and will continue to do so in the future. Obama's agenda will fail at every turn because it is blatantly unAmerican. Sure, Obama can give a speech. But he has prove over an entire year that he cannot accomplish ANYTHING.

Gitmo closed? not even close.
Cap and Trade? Dead, going nowhere.
Obamacare? Dead, going nowhere
Ending the Iraq war? not one troop has come home.

The list goes on and on. Obama cannot lead. He is Mr. Teleprompter. And nothing more.

Kim Letkeman said...

I may have to disable anonymous comments, as I consider them a little cowardly. And frankly, I think Obama is very impressive. He is trying to turn an oil tanker with a battery powered personal fan against special interests (including his own government) wielding rocket packs ... how well is he expected to do when so many just took the easy route of pampering the rich and feeding the special interests? That he continues to try is impressive on its own.

Von Halsoven said...

When leftists and progressives align themselves with the Democrats, they tell the people of the world that they support the transfer of America's wealth to the bankers and insurance industry through bailouts and so-called health care reform. When leftists and progressives align themselves with the Democrats, they tell the American people that they are willing to give lip service to the concerns of America's workers and poor, but when it comes right down to it, those workers and poor will have to figure out on their own how they will get jobs that no longer exist. Jobs that are not being created because the Democrats and the GOP bailed out the banks instead.

Kim Letkeman said...

Von Halsoven: And how would allowing the world's economy to collapse completely have helped America's poor? The problem is that it is rather easy to crap on him for making that choice, yet he acknowledged that in his speech ... and clearly identified that the 8 years preceding him were responsible for at least 8 times as much debt. So how can he be faulted for trying to turn the ship back to what was working before the events of 9/11 released the flood gates of unpoliced spending etc?