Saturday, January 23, 2010

Testing Windows Live Writer

I tried Blogger for Word in Word 2007 and I loved the handling of text, but found the handling of images irritating. And there was no way that I could find to get back to the setup dialog so I could adjust where images would be uploaded. I gave up after 60 frustrating minutes.

Then I found out that I already had an excellent editor for blogging on my machine in the form of Windows Live Writer. And I must tell you, this is the first environment that perfectly reflects my template while I type. Amazing …

Now to test image embedding … *sigh* … this is where Word fell on its face …


That’s Randy Backman and Burton Cummings of the Guess Who … an iconic band from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. They grew up a few years ahead of me and only a few miles from my home.

So … did it work?

Edit: It did! It perfectly uploaded the smaller image and its larger version, performing all the resizing for me. I’m IMPRESSED!

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