Sunday, June 7, 2009

Huron and Champlain Lookouts -- Gatineau Park

Ok, I changed my mind from my last blog post. I did not earn these views, having driven to the lookouts instead of climbing the Eardley Escarpment myself ... but I think these views should be seen, so here they be ....

I only processed one view from the Huron Lookout ... it's a pretty shot facing east as best I can. There's this big hill in the way :-)

Then on to the Champlain Lookout, which is the final stop on the Gatineau Parkway. Remember to open your windows and set the stereo just below ear-bleed .... that's while driving, not while at the lookout of course.

The first thing you notice is that this is a two-level lookout. I only shot from the top level, but you can see the lower level in this wide shot.

Facing into the sun means a big loss of contrast ... although in retrospect, the polarizer wasn't going to help here anyway so I should have removed it. Every air-to-glass surface has the potential to add flare ... and I am certain that the polarizer was the big problem here ... [edit] and the lack of a graduated neutral-density filter to bring the sky's levels back down to match the land's light levels.

The Ottawa Valley is pretty at this time of day ...

And of course the obligatory shot due west into the sun ...

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