Saturday, June 6, 2009

Terminator: Salvation

Well ... the young lad and I took in Terminator: Salvation this evening ... we actually went to see Hangover (it's what he wanted :-) but it was sold out. Go figure.

First off ... this movie is no Star Trek. Not in a million years. In fact, Jon and I agree that T2 is probably more watchable. At least, we think so.

There is a caveat to our opinions though, and that's the interference from a couple of boys sitting behind us. Uncouth, ill-mannered children who behaved way below their age. We were treated to horrifically loud popcorn chewing, straw sucking, slurping, burping, laughing, shouting, and general discussion. After 20 minutes or do it got the best of me and I am ashamed to say that I turned around, looked squarely at them and sternly said "Shut the f*ck up!"

I felt a little guilty about that ... but that passed quickjly as they laughed and joked now and again, but this time only under the cover of a fair amount of noise. They also told each other rather loudly to shut up in parody ... no doubt that passes for intelligent humour in their households.

They left early though, and that helped the ending a bit ...

So I'll need to rewatch it in order to suspend reality and get into the characters more deeply. The dialog was pretty stiff though ... nothing will save that. The special effects, on the other hand, were first rate. So as an action movie, it definitely has the chops.

All in all ... an adequate time, but I would rather have been at Nevermore. Hopefully tomorrow ...

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