Thursday, June 25, 2009

Entry-level dSLRs in Trouble?

According to a recent poll on this web site, the advanced bridge camera as epitomized by the Fuji S100fs is poised to crush the entry-level dSLR. I'm certain that, efter these results are published here, Nikon and Canon will be mobilizing in force to nip this threat in the bud.

Of course, this result is a farce. I'm pretty sure that one of two things happened:

1) A training center for mentally-challenged Orangutans had a computer left on my blog page by one of the staff (such great reading is needed for stress relief) and the apes actually believe that a mere bridge camera has a chance against the tide of the entry-level dSLR (hint: Fuji makes the last remaining advanced bridge camera.)

2) Certain members of the Fuji Talk Forum on the DPReview site chose to put forth their agenda as a volley in the long-standing feud between the "modern fuji camera owners" group and the "Nikon Ninja Brotherhood", or the Ninjahood for short. The former group is made up of self-styled "professional" photographers who truly believe that the S100fs is all one needs to be in the "biz" .... the latter are made up of a group of Fuji owners who happen to also own Nikon dSLRs (which easily make up the majority of the dSLRs owned in that forum.)

It's a childish dispute in which those of us who have advance beyond the small sensor attempt to keep the speculation (which always borders on hallucination) from getting too far out of hand, which always stirs up the "ownerhood" to get nasty, throw ridicule around and call names. It's like teachers being called out by middle-schoolers, a very good analogy actually.

The amusing thing is that intellectual prowess behind the 6 votes for option 4 is about the same whether (1) or (2) are true. And just to clarify ... the advanced bridge cam is stone cold dead as a genre. The poll was set as a lark and it turned into a joke. I suppose that I got what I deserved :-)

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