Thursday, June 18, 2009

Front Garden in the Rain

If you've read some of my blog, you should have stumbled upon some posts showing my front garden, which is dominated by massive Hostas and Ostrich Ferns, along with a few recently self-seeded Bleeding Hearts.

After shooting the removal of the G10's lethal shards from the LCD protector, I though it might be nice to capture the lush leaves and the last few hearts in the rain ... and since I had both cams in my hands, I thought "why not pit them against each other?"

So I shot a few images with each camera and have the results to show. Do not attempt to judge based on color, as I hammered these with Nik Colorefex and lots of my other tricks ... but you can compare the way the sensor renders the subject and the way the background looks. Those are real differences between small sensor compacts and dSLRs.

The Hostas and their rainy leaves came first ...

And then the Bleeding Hearts ...

Interestingly ... I used the same settings on the D300 images as on the G10 images, but the D300 images are far warmer and richer ... strange. Of course, the subject isolation and narrower viewpoint of the second hearts images makes it utterly obvious that the dSLR shot that one ... the middle image was the Canon image in the Hostas.

I prefer the look of the dSLR images ... I always have ... I am a subject isolationist :-)

But the Canon does a nice job for someone who wants to poke around with a compact. And, of course, the pros manage to get some amazing images from this sucker ...

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