Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rogers Turns EVIL Again!

Just when I had learned to tolerate Rogers' avarice -- horrific data rates, outrageous roaming rates, miserly discounts, to name a few irritations -- I get a phone call this afternoon telling me that my better bundle discount is now canceled. So my already outrageous bill (>$330 *every* fricken month) now jumps 15% ...

But wait ... they have a new bundle offer. If I have 4 services, I can get back my 15% discount with only a 2 year extension on my commitment.

No problem say I ... I have 3 cell phone accounts, high speed extreme, and every digital service known to man, including 2 HD boxes, one of which is a PVR. So I bleed for them.

The nice lady (nice in that she felt the need to interrupt my Saturday afternoon to give me this bad news) then tells me that this is really only three services -- wireless, cable and internet.

So the bottom line is that Rogers is offering to cut my discount from 15% to 10% if I give them a 2 year extension on all my services. Otherwise, they will raise my rates across the board by 15%.



Does extortion really substitute for customer service in someone's mind at Rogers?

Here's the kicker ... I pointed all this out, after which she transferred me to customer service. After 10 minutes on hold (steaming the entire time), they dropped my call. The phone broke apart as I hung up ... go figure ...

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