Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Posting this at 3am ... my final talk went well enough, although the time slot kept the crowd down. Had a meeting at lunch with a customer, then wandered into the solutions center and the labs. Later, met some people in the lobby and chatted for a while.

The people before my talk also work for my boss. Dan sitting down and Michael talking.

This team rarely gets together in one place, so I shot a souvenir image for them.

Solution Center is pretty huge, as always.

Everyone in the labs is expected to wear a white coat ...

A couple of colleagues flew over from India ...

Some of the more interesting stuff has to do with cloud computing ... I was not aware, but we deploy applications on clouds now and companies can get by with no local servers at all ... very cool ...

Met up with some friends and went to Downtown Disney in the evening and had a nice walk around the lake there. We chose a Cuban restaurant and I had an awesome Mojito, some terrific appetizers, and a really mediocre Cuban Creole (I love the Louisiana variety, but not this kind.) The upside is that I didn't eat much ... always a silver lining.

This massive thing (easily 10 to 15 feet long) is made of Lego!

And then a couple of us saw Star Trek! Yes, I saw Star Trek for the third time in three and a half weeks and it was as good as ever. Just see it.

Got back from the movie after midnight and saw the Requirements Composer team sitting in the bar, so I joined them for a rum and coke. All in all, a pleasant evening ...

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