Tuesday, June 16, 2009

LCD Protector for Canon G10

At some point, early this year, I bought myself a thin LCD protector made of glass on eBay. This is actually quite a nice device that self-sticks to the LCD and fits absolutely perfectly. And surprisingly, I had occasion to use it. Somewhere around the time of my trip to Washington, D.C. in March, the LCD was struck by something. The impact was enough to crack the protector. And the camera continued to work fine.

But here's the problem ... I left it like that, figuring it would continue to protect the LCD and a single crack would not do any real harm. But that's not how glass works. Once it is weakened, bad things begin to happen. As shown right here ...

And then some fool comes along and sticks his hand into his camera bag fishing around for a memory card case and encounters a piece that has broken off and shoves it directly into his finger, cutting a flap of skin that clings via a small thread ... and it bleeds like a stuck pig.

So if you buy a glass LCD protector for a G10 or any other camera, and it performs its function, don't be a moron and leave it on ... duh.

Edit: Finally got around to removing the lethal shards ... simple job with some packing tape and a sharp knife to lever off the sections. Each one just pops off when enough has lifted. Unfortunately, I managed to make a tiny scratch in the bottom left corner of the LCD ... and I repeat ... duh.

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