Monday, June 8, 2009

It's My Lucky Day!

I received this email message from Facebook today:

Hello Am Teffini , am happy to write you on here , Am single no kid, i want you to know that am not here for a game am here for a serious relationship and am here to meet a real man , that know what it take to keep a good relationship cos i have been hurt before and i dont want to be hurt anymore , all i need is true love and i dont care about age cos i believe that age is just a number , what really matter most is true feelings , i write on here cos i i hope you will be who i expected you to be , You can IM me at so that we can get to know more about each other .


Wow ... looks like a great opportunity to meet someone who shares all my values, including a love for horrific spelling and grammar :-)

A quick check of her profile takes me aback though ...

Duh .... duh ... stammer ... stammer .....

Ok, so this is a science with some people. What this is is not an invitation to the next stage in your life, but an invitation to get spammed to the gills. Facebook spam is about connecting people to other networks and applications ... and somewhere in the mix is the ability for someone out there to wring some cash out of you eventually.

There are articles on it around the net ... look for them if you are interested. But for heaven's sake ... despite the obvious charms of the offer (especially had it been written in something approaching English), do not friend these people. Instead, consider reporting the message as spam ... her profile is as fake as the day is long ...

Too bad, though :-)

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