Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My mother has fallen arches and can no longer walk more than a very short distance without great pain. Well, guess what I found out from my physiotherapist yesterday? My Achilles tendinitis is caused by ... wait for it ... terrible mechanics in which my arches flatten completely as I walk.

This puts a literal curl in the tendon that causes it to inflame after a while. The miracle is that it is only one foot. The rest I gave it over winter was apparently a very good thing, as it is back at a level consistent with a fairly early to moderate stage. Last year's severe problem that manifested so horribly in London is not apparent right now.

So the plan is for twice a week treatment, lots of stretching and exercise (the "towel grab" is fun), and *no* walking uphill. Which means I can't even walk Pink Lake trail right now, much less look at the King Mountain trail or anything similar ... hopefully this won't wipe out the summer. That would kinda suck.

I really enjoyed shooting those images last weekend and I've already figured out what I did wrong for that series at Pink Lake and the lookouts. I need to bring a graduated neutral density filter into the mix to control the extended dynamic range of scenes that include fairly dark woods and very bright skies. I can still test the technique, but it'll be from my car on flat ground ...

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