Friday, June 5, 2009

RSC2009 Recovery ... Lawn & Garden Therapy

Early morning meeting with customer went well yesterday; flight home not too eventful, other than perhaps the very long drop that elicited a few screams ... and the poor little girl in front of me in line who suddenly vomited for about 3 solid minutes as we were about to board ... she ended up boarding and seemed fine after that. Reminds me of Nick, who managed to get himself so excited about travel when he was around 6 years old that he was constantly vomiting on planes, in airports, in restaurants ... fun stuff :-)

Anyway, a few customer emails today, a customer call in a few minutes, a nicely cut lawn, and an appointment to begin physio on my Achilles tendinitis .... sadly, it reappeared in Florida as I walked around Lake Buena Vista every night, which includes some up and down action ... the 21lb pack took care of the rest. *sigh*

Anyway ... here are a few images of the front garden and lawn today .... I purposely tried for the striped look of a fairway or baseball field. Looks pretty nice ...

And the Bleeding Hearts are huge now ... what a lovely plant.

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