Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bye-Bye DPReview … again

I got a new work laptop 2 weeks ago, and because it did not have the host reassignment trick on it, I took advantage and read the Fuji Talk Forum daily for the last few weeks.

I found myself drawn into the threads on the HS10 and especially the silly ones on comparing this toy with dSLRs. Sheesh …

I got to the point today to where I reinstated my password and came within a whisker of replying to a post on sunshine_boy’s thread on dSLR crops etc. It was all typed and just needed a press of the submit button.

I think the poster’s name is sorynx or something similar, and his or her post was a typical series of misstatements about kit lenses versus small sensor cameras and so on … opinions with no data as usual.

As I said, I was annoyed enough with the bullshit that I almost replied. And then I realized that this was a slippery slope, so I stopped myself at the last moment, killed my password again and disabled DPReview access on my new laptop.

I am back again to the inconvenient read-only access I have through my MAC mini, which I may yet disable as well.


And for the record …

My D700 has a minimum of 5 or 6 stops on the HS10 when both noise and detail are accounted for … that makes my D300 somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 stops. The D5000 is even cleaner.

The HS10 is not better at 720mm than a Nikon entry dSLR with kit lens cropped 2x. Sometimes, it’s not even close to the dSLR.

A kit lens at f/8 is only one stop down at full zoom and thus still has tons of leeway on ISO. I.e. the statement that you lose half your advantage is misinformed.

There … that’s better :-)


Lili said...

Your timing is excellent.
I just posted my little bu exhaustive test of the F70/s6000 and person named Radu... just said, please post orginal, full sized, unaltered images.
How very courteous, even not withstanding his presumptive non-native English!
In any event here is the original F70
and here is the original S6000fd

Kim Letkeman said...

Hi Lili, I thought I'd responded to this earlier, but it seems I didn't. Your thread on the test was one of the last things I read before I realized that I was spending too much time reading DPR again. Way too many things to do these days (two separate roles in my company and evaluating a third) so I really have to cut ties for some time. The blog alone sucks away tons of time that I don't have , but it's fun :-)

Lili said...

LOL, understood, the issue, for me, is resolved, likely a languaqe/culture thing.
As ever, online, with no vocal cues, one must careful in reading what is actually written.
BTW I find the F70 a bit quieter and smoother in lens extension and zoom operation than the F200EXR.
I ADORE the lower key start up screen; no blinding flash of white!

Kim Letkeman said...

If only the F80EXR were as good in all light as the F70EXR ... you would be very pleased with the same startup screen that goes away in half the time. *sigh*