Thursday, April 8, 2010

F80EXR vx F70EXR vs ZS3 – DR test - shoot at the sun

In this quick test, I carry all three cams outside and with my most nerdly demeanor I shoot at the sun.

Then, I zoom in and do it again.

Note: I slightly zoomed in on the wide shot for the Panny ZS3 since it always looks so much wider.

Mark 1 – approx 28mm FL, my normal settings for the Fujis and the iA (intelligent auto) setting for the Panny.


All three look fine to me. If the DR advantage of the Fujis helps this shot in any real way, I find it hard to see. I think this would have been better with less attenuation of the sun, so the test will be repeated if the sun should one day choose to show itself again.

The Mark 2 test is shooting at maximum zoom. These are crops of the interesting section of the images … I think maybe the Fujis have a slight advantage, but not enough to crow about … pub intended.


So this test was basically a bust. Nothing to see here folks … move along, move along …

Hang on a minute … the Panny is slightly warmer in tone, and the F70 has slightly overexposed. But that’s all minor stuff …

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