Wednesday, April 7, 2010

F80EXR: How good is that lens?

Darned good. Easily as good as my F70EXR from what I can tell. My traditional bush shot, but this is through a window, so I processed it for contrast and sharpening in ACR. Only output sharpening in CS4.


And here is the same image with 100% crops in the corners and center … if this is not good enough for you then I encourage you to remove your head from between your cheeks …


So, the F80EXR has a pretty good lens. Good news there. 


Shawn Pfaff said...

Hey Kim - Been waiting for these reviews. I have an F45 and canon TX1 as my travel/outings cameras and have hopes that the F80 can replace both. I know you just got the camera, but any idea when you will run through the typical test suite of a travel camera? And when can we expect to see some HD video?

Appreciate all your work on figuring out the F70, and look forward to your thoughts on the 80.

Kim Letkeman said...

Shawn, so far I quite like the daylight performance. The indoor performance scares me though ... more testing this evening.