Thursday, April 1, 2010

Post DPReview Traffic

Hmmm … I figured that I would see a spectacular drop in traffic once I was no longer on DPReview, and yet the basil rate of traffic has slowly risen. I find that kind of interesting.

March is probably the first full month where there is little residual impact of my DPReview posts. Traffic is now down to regular visitors (thanks!) and search engines.


Now let’s see how March 2009 compares.


I would not have guessed that my traffic had actually tripled in a year. That’s pretty cool. Referrals are down, but there are more sites referring to this blog (not shown here.) There were a couple of spikes in that month, but they are just approaching my *average* daily traffic this month.

And the number of returning visitors has risen to almost half from only 20% last year. In fact, I have more returning visitors this year than I had visitors in total last year. That’s a nice stat. Again, thank you to every one of you. It makes all the testing well worth while.

Now, for your amusement, here are the stats for world-wide coverage. 90 countries … not bad.


One final thank you to the readers. I am pleased that you’ve decided to spend a bit of time here each month. I think the Comedy Network says it best …


Time well wasted …

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