Thursday, April 8, 2010

F80EXR vs F70EXR – bad light reprise

A quick revisiting of the terrible lighting scenario from yesterday. I processed the two 100 ISO images and the two 1600 ISO images to see how good each could be. This means a custom setting of the parameters during the ACR5 phase and a bit of masked tweaking during the CS4 phase.

My goal was to make four images that looked as similar as possible.

I failed.

At 100 ISO, you can get them to within a whisker of each other … close enough that I would not call anything between them. If you are a low ISO shooter, get the F80EXR because the saturation is slightly boosted and so is the contrast. The startup is quicker. The lens seems very sharp. It’s all good.

F80EXR 100iso


F70EXR 100iso


F80EXR 1600iso


F70EXR 1600iso


The 1600 ISO images both look pretty bad. But the F70EXR provides the possibility of processing a decent image for small size presentation (e.g. WEB), while the F80EXR pretty much has to be written off at anything above 200 ISO in really bad light.

Of course, you can always switch to black and white. That brings the two closer together again, but the F70EXR has the edge with edges … pun intended.

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