Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I have a huge (14 cu yd) dumpster sitting in the driveway and have been humping crap from various parts of the house for two straight days. I have only 3 more to go … days that is. The weather has been spectacular, but it is going to be hot today.

Which is fine, since I need to knock off early to go to the Scotiabank Place and shoot the fans for the Globetrotters game. And by that I mean I have signed on as a fan photographer for them for tonight. Should be fun.


Meanwhile, in the middle of yesterday, Nick celebrated the perfection of his room (you would not believe the transformation he created over the last few days) into an empty and perfectly clean space. He celebrated by throwing the last few bits of memorabilia off the garage roof (he can step right out onto the roof from his room.)

His lacrosse trophy came first … I think this was his second place at the provincials about 9 years ago …


He had some trouble deciding whether to junk these things, but then realized that he plans to move to Europe for a while, or maybe permanently. And carrying these memories from his childhood just does not make any sense. The brain remembers and that is all that matters.

So here is his 2nd place at Maniwaki in karate. He was about 5 at the time (17 years ago) …


He then threw out some models we had built together. Several cars and this jet. I just liked how this one fell :-)


And finally a shot of the final garbage bag falling with the bin itself visible …


The fun begins again in a few minutes … oh joy.


Crazy Football Mom said...

kim - go back and re-read your first sentence! "I have been humping crap..." I do think you meant to say "dumping". :-))

Kim Letkeman said...

Nope ... humping ... as in the way the infantry talks about carrying the guns, etc over long distances ... I think the quote I remember best from Platoon is "hump, hump and hump" ...