Thursday, April 8, 2010

F80EXR – cat, dog and face identification … a cornucopia of new features …

Fuji chose to invest much of their energy for the F80EXR into adding cat, dog and person recognition.


Since I’ve been reviewing the cam, I thought I’d make a mention of these. The short answer is that they seem to work. My tests are limited, but there is no question that they function.

First, the cat mode. I tested this by scanning across a page of cat images on the computer. What you will see here is the F80EXR flagging each cat it sees in yellow or white squares. Yellow seems to denote primary, which is where it will place focus and exposure I presume.

Next, dog mode. Same drill.

And finally … teaching the camera to recognize myself. Easily done. Press Menu/OK to get into the menus and scroll to face recognition.


Click to get to the next menu.


Select register and you are presented with the registration screen, where you will align the face with the corners and the eye sockets with the two eye boxes.


Press the shutter and it captures an image and processes the face. It often says “cannot register!”, which no doubt means you did something wrong … but I got this one to work.


Finally, you press ok and it asks for name, birthday and one other thing. I forget what.

Then, when you see the face again it shows you the name. I registered myself in the F80EXR and then tested it, capturing the result with the F70EXR.


It clearly works.

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