Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Pain of Air Travel with Camera Equipment

*sigh* … it is getting tough to carry serious camera equipment around. I did bring my D300 with 18-200VR on the plane to Helsinki and that was not too difficult. Had I been forced to gate check, though, the camera might have been destroyed. That unpadded case was *not* appropriate protection for that equipment.

New weight restrictions are coming out all the time, and 5kg seems to be the low point these days. Having just taken on a much larger laptop (DUH!), I have now reduced my ability to carry cameras around.

Luckily, I am generally quite happy to shoot only with the little F70EXR when I travel, as I did in San Antonio and Jacksonville. So maybe that is the solution … forget the big cams for travel. Seems draconian, though.

So … wanna read some excellent advice on how you can still travel with serious kit? Then pop onto this page on Thom Hogan’s excellent Nikon-oriented site. He’s a professional photographer that’s logged a lot of miles in the air …

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