Wednesday, April 7, 2010

F80EXR: Daytime comparison and review

Quick lunch time shoot of a bush in my back yard through an upper window. The window is not perfectly clean, the light was quite soft, so these are fairly low contrast images. The crops are very small snippets from the center of the four images.

Note that, as with all my tests, the crops are all upsized to match the L3:2 native images, which gives the F80EXR L image the advantage.


So what do we see?

1. The F80EXR looks slightly better at both sizes.

2. The F80EXR appears to have slightly better stabilization, although this could come down to statistics.

3. Not all that much to choose between them in daylight, even upsized from 5mp. Are you surprised?

I’ll shoot more surfaces to see how they handle low contrast details … we know where that’s going … but the nod in soft daylight so far goes to the F80EXR.

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