Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HS10 Review Part 9 – Details Details

I wandered back to my front yard to see what was going on, and found that the European Starlings that nest in my garage were out in the Ash tree in my front yard.

I zoomed in from below with the HS10 and shot a few images. This one had the best detail, so I am publishing it despite the clipped beak.



You’ll definitely have to click through to see the feather details. You can see the veins on the well lit wing feathers. Very nice.

Underneath the bird, things turn a little mushy. Expected of course.

While in my front yard, I turned to the window in my garage and shot the sill and the aging paint. Yes, it needs painting … no, there are no plans right now. Reasons not forthcoming, but I have them.

The HS10 gets nice and close and handles the sun surprisingly well.


The F70EXR also handles the sun well, but there is more spread to its sun specular.



Not sure why, but the HS10 is able to show a more narrow specular for the sun. This surprises me. Detail-wise, they are pretty similar, but the HS10 allows a bit closer shooting in super macro mode, so the magnification is a bit higher.

Not much more to say for this one … I think the HS10 handles sunlight better than expected, but as mentioned in other parts of the review, I also think it has a bit more trouble with highlights than the F70EXR.

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