Sunday, April 25, 2010

HS10 Review Part 3 – Wide Angle Lens Test Against F70EXR

These two cameras are regularly maligned for lens blur at wide angle. It was particular rancorous on the Fuji Talk Forum for the F70EXR, largely from a group of F200EXR owners who have a slightly better (and less useful) lens on their cameras.

I have always maintained that one can just as well shoot 3:2 mode and take the deep corners out of the equation … and many people in fact do that.

So … the test. Crops for the corners and the center. I think they are both acceptable in the corners and terrific in the center. There is blur, and there is CA … but what exactly is to be expected?



F70EXR (upsized to 10mp, although I don’t remember why I bothered)


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