Tuesday, April 27, 2010

F70EXR – Snow in April?

Ah … gimme a break. Yesterday I had a wonderful day in the warm sun on a golf course … my arms are testament to the strength of the sun at this time of year.

And today it is cold and there was snow on the ground this morning.


Neighbor’s back yard.


A couple of house nearby …


A pair of European Starlings poking around for some food. This is a *severe* crop that is actually made larger (so more than 100% pixel for pixel) and it is shot through a dirty window.


The Hydrangeas in my back yard … I posted images from the HS10 on a beautiful sunny morning … things don’t look so nice today …


And finally, my neighbor’s patio furniture covered in snow. Yuck.


The weather is supposed to be the same tomorrow, then back to lovely warm sun on Thursday.


archish said...

Kim either my eyes are bit foggy today or the pictures are indeed little foggy to me :(

Kim Letkeman said...

Archish: I shot these through a rather dirty window and preferred the look of the images after a little glow was applied. I probably should have mentioned it :-)