Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fuji EXR with ACR – X10 and F550EXR and so on – FUNKY exposures in ACR

So there was a huge debate in the last couple of weeks where a person on the Fuji forum stated that he wondered why some RAW files show up in ACR with completely funky looking initial exposures. The JPEG looks normal, but the RAW is severely overexposed. He went on to say that the exposure was easily fixed but that it was disconcerting that the initial exposures sometimes do not look right.

He was attacked incessantly by someone known for pseudo-scientific bullshit and several people had to chime in that yes, ACR and EXR are not a perfect marriage yet.

In some of my review parts, I further noted that some JPEG exposures seemed out of whack with the RAWs and that medium and large RAWs often end up with wildly differing exposures.

Something is definitely funky in the Fuji EXR RAW world.

So today I shot a couple of images within seconds of each other … ISO 400 DR400 JPG+RAW M size. Which means that the sensor is split and two exposures are recorded.

The exposures are essentially identical between the two … 1/32s versus 1/36s with the same ISO and aperture. So there should be no difference in the files. Indeed, the two jpegs match exposures perfectly. But the two RAWs … well … watch the video and be amazed. This, by the way, is a completely new behavior … and it is on the F550EXR. So this has been here all along … sheesh …

The X10 is basically the same … I still shoot RAW, but it is always an adventure Smile