Thursday, January 26, 2012

We're here for a good time, not a long time ...

I noticed that Bill Gates has come out and said that he had a close personal relationship with Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace.

Their relationship was complex, as is easily imagined when they each led a company that was a thought leader for quite some time, and of course when they were in "coopetition" almost constantly for decades.

But what struck me was one of Gates's comments with respect to longevity. He feels that he needs at least another couple of decades to complete what he has started in his philanthropic work, including new drugs to -- for example -- eradicate Malaria.

His closing remark in the interview was:

But, you know, it reminds you that you gotta pick important stuff, because you only have a limited time.

This really struck me as applying to everything one does in life. Focusing on what matters leads to a far higher satisfaction with life in general in my opinion. Yet it is easy to forget this while wasting time in some battle or other with puerile fan boys on an internet forum.

We can't all move mountains like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs ... but we can certainly spend more time focusing on what matters and waste much less time interacting with people we would not cross the street to talk to in real life.

Definitely something to ponder.