Friday, January 27, 2012

Well flabber me gasted … Rogers, you have outdone yourself …

For those that have followed this blog for some time, you know that I like to bust Rogers Cable’s chops now and again for their somewhat inconsistent Internet service. You also know that sometimes the issues are not actually the fault of the provider, but rather the fault of an old router. Remember that … and consider getting the Apple Airport Extreme … it really is as good as all the reviews say.

But one thing that cable Internet service does suffer from now and again is the overloading of the loop on which you find yourself. If too many people occupy the loop, you can get sufficiently high saturation of the bandwidth to really mess with your speeds. This, of course, affects everything and can be very frustrating. And it is at its worst in the evenings, when everyone is streaming and surfing.

So I was stunned this evening when I ran a speedtest just for the halibut.

That’s miles above my nominal 50Mb/s and the ping is super quick too. Holy crap … I have a fast link :-)

Thank you Rogers!