Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fuji X10 – Review Part 16 – A first video …

I have plans to test the X10’s video modes and AF as I did with the F550EXR, but for now I thought I would just grab a quick video when I popped over to walk Lexi (the Boston Terrier) and Sophie (the Pug) this evening …

After we walked for a while in the incredibly frigid temperatures, I brought the pups back to the house and fed them each a cup of their food plus some water. I had the brain storm that it might be fun to watch Lexi eat from the vantage point of a few feet away … after all, how often does one get the chance to lie on the floor and watch a puppy eat? Never, I suspect.

Before you watch, let me mention that I set the camera into video mode (unlike the F550, there is no direct access button for video … I think this was a mistake) and set 1080p, which is not a good mode in the F550EXR because of the excess AF hunting. In this case I had it in center focus mode, which means that the image would go out of focus if I got too far from the pup … and you can see that happen in the video.

It’s still pretty good … and I must say that the fairly low light is handled very well. Fuji seem to have nailed the brightness and I think the video quality looks very good. The audio is perfectly fine too.

And without further ado, the world’s most beautiful Boston Terrier.