Tuesday, January 31, 2012

iPhone Glass Busted Again – It’s always something …

The 3G is pretty strong, but I have again managed to break the glass.

F300EXR 1600ISO f/3.5 1/17

This time, I apparently lay on it in my pocket and something must have been under it (I suspect a game controller.) Anyway, as you can see I’ve covered the bottom half of the glass in packing tape. Amazingly, there is no loss of performance, so I can go this way for a while.

In fact, I had planned to just leave it this way, but when I replaced translucent tape with this transparent tape, I shifted the pieces in such a way that they no longer fit. So I ordered the replacement last night. $12.42 shipped … these parts are ridiculously cheap.

You can also see the massive amount of dust lodged between the cover glass and the LCD, and I am very happy to be replacing it after all.

More when I receive the new part …