Saturday, April 30, 2011

F550EXR — BANG that DRUM!

A comment made a few hours ago on the Fuji Talk Forum on … answering someone regarding RAW support.
ACR does support the F550EXR, warts and all.
Getting ACR support was a huge plus for all Fuji cameras and is something to be celebrated, but unfortunately, some people focus on narrow issues like the lens flare problem (about the only real wart that exists on the F550EXR) and on old issues like the rare battery drain that caught a few people out. By pounding on that drum at every opportunity they skew the perceptions of inexperienced people towards disliking an otherwise very nice camera.

It’s an old concept … often called FUD (Fear, Obfuscation Uncertainty and Doubt) … it is also tiresome and misleading, and for that reason I advise anyone to take the Fuji forums with an enormous grain of salt these days.

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