Saturday, April 2, 2011

F550EXR – Sample Video in 720p HD – Review Part 4

This is a quickie … I attended the Ottawa Travel Show today and heard this rather nice rendition of a Pipe and Drum song from a long way off … by the time I got there they had finished. I asked if they could play another and she said “not on YouTube though” to which I said ok.

They played this rather lovely song. I had the cam set to 720p HD so full HD will have to wait until I get another chance. By the way, as soon as they finished playing she said that she was kidding about YouTube … they are already all over YouTube.

By the way, I see little point in quadrupling your bandwidth for virtually no visual gain, but some people insist on shooting the big stuff. This looks plenty clean to me expanded on my 1080p monitor.

My impressions:

  • Sound perfectly clear
  • Stabilization extremely effective – I don’t even find the shake objectionable when I walk forward and backward for certain shots
  • Zoom is smooth and focus is regained immediately
  • No focus hunting apparent in this specific video (light was decent)
  • Exposure control very accurate … handled sunlight through background windows with aplomb

So far I have nothing to complain about. How about that …

As to the players, I did not get their names. They are part of a group of pipers who man the walls of the Citadel on the hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia every summer and play. Apparently they must wear winter “full wool” all year round.

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