Thursday, April 7, 2011

F550EXR – Timings — Review Part 19

Just a quick table of shot to shot times … and a correction of my initial brain fart on timings for RAW versus RAW+jpeg … no idea how I got a lower number for the latter back then.

The startup for the F550EXR is about 3 seconds, which is 1 second longer than the F80 and about 3/4 seconds longer than the F300. I suppose as feature sets grow, initialization time does too …

Card Lexar Platinum SDHC Class 6 SDHC A-Data Class 10 SDHC
JPEG 3.5s 2.5s
RAW 5s 4s
JPEG+RAW 7s 6s

Times are approximate, but I did it several times each and came up with consistent numbers.

Class 10 cards are about a second faster for everything. This is well worth a few bucks extra. It didn’t bother me that much (as I had mentioned when I borrowed the HS10 last winter, it just changes you shooting style a bit) but a second is about 30% faster in jpeg and that is nothing to sneeze at.

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