Sunday, April 17, 2011


I want to thank the readers of this blog for such dedicated following of the F550 series (37 parts and counting.)

Although I know that this is a temporary blip, this blog has reached the 30,000 visit milestone month to month (March 18th to April 17th – today) for the first time. In fact, only moments ago. There are almost 3 hours left today so I expect it to climb a bit more.


Pageviews blew through the 70,000 mark sometime this morning.

Again, thanks so very much for reading me.

Update: 2 April 2011 through 2 May 2011 is the first 31 day period ever where this site crossed 90,000 page views. Wow …


In fact, this is a peak for the time being, as the current daily trend is lower than the trend at the beginning of April, so each 31 day period will drop from this point. But I am very pleased to have hit this milestone on the last possible day of the F550’s contribution to the traffic to this site.

Again, a huge thank you for all of you just for taking the time to read or even follow this blog.

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