Friday, April 22, 2011

Rogers Internet SUCKS lately!

Rogers has really started to piss me off. I pay for 25mbps down and 1mpbs up (which is a pathetic uplink by the way), which means that I should get about 110kB upload speeds most of the time.

But lately I’ve been seeing truly atrocious upload speeds on my Gallery, which uses a Java uploader. I also see some horrid speeds on the advanced YouTube uploader, also Java based. Yet usually shows it as being ok, and that is java based.

Some of the other uploaders seem to work better, although as a general rule all have been slower.

What really irks me is see this almost every time I upload images nowadays …


See that speed? A floppy drive would leave my link in the dust … sheesh.

I really think Rogers wants to lose me as a customer … throttling is evil and I pay far too much to tolerate this kind of shite.

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